Complete Course Offerings

Maple Bear Complete Course Offerings 2017-2018

Full Time Early Childhood Programs

Full time early childhood programs run five days a week for three to four hours daily. The program can be delivered either as a morning or afternoon section or integrated into a full day program. This program is delivered in an English-immersion format and is structured for a full-year (12 months) continuous cycle. There are four levels of programming:

• Toddler for children 2-3 yrs old;
• Nursery for children 3-4 yrs old;
• Junior Kindergarten for children 4-5 yrs old;
• Senior Kindergarten for children 5-6 yrs old. (Basic and Advanced)

The focus of these programs is on experience-based learning in an English immersion format to ensure that the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes for lifelong learning are established at a young age. Literacy, which includes listening skills, speaking, reading and writing, is one of the most important goals of the Maple Bear Early Childhood program.

Maple Bear offers two additional supplementary programs, Intensive Literacy Plus / Intensive Senior Plus 2 and Intensive Kindergarten Plus, which are designed for students with advanced English proficiency and who can commit to additional instruction time.

Part Time Early Childhood Programs

Part time programs for Early Childhood typically are offered on Saturdays except for the Moms and Tots program that is offered during the week.
Part-time Early Childhood programs, with the exception of the Moms and Tots, use the same instructional programs as for the full time early childhood programs.

The part time programs are as follows:

• Toddler level for children 2-3 years old;
• Moms and Tots for children 2-3 years old;
• Nursery level for children 3-4 years old;
• Junior Kindergarten level for children 4-5 years old;
• Senior Kindergarten level for children 5-6 years old.

Part Time Elementary Programs

Maple Bear offers part time after school programs for elementary age students during the week and on the weekend. Typically instruction for these programs ranges from 2 hours up to 6 hours per week. Most students attend these programs either twice per week or four times per week.
Two programs, Intensive English Plus and Advanced Canadian Immersion are articulated to students who graduate from the full Maple Bear Early Childhood programs.

The BridgeS program is designed to capture students with no or limited English language skills. There is an entry level test required for BridgeS so that students may be placed at the appropriate level.

Maple Bear Formal Education Programs: Grades 1-12

Elementary / Middle School Programs

The Elementary/Middle School (Grades 1-8) courses are equivalent to courses that would be taught in a Canadian Elementary school but are adjusted to conform to local Ministry of Education requirements. The delivery format is bilingual: the English, Mathematics and Science course components and are delivered in English and the other courses required to meet Ministry of Education requirements are taught in the local language. Maple Bear works with the Schools and the local Ministry of Education to ensure that the course material and learning outcomes match local requirements.

High School Programs

Maple Bear can support a school for high school level programming that will reflect Canadian Provincial Ministry of Education standards and can support schools should they wish to accredit programs with a Canadian Provincial Ministry of Education.

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