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“In addition to the bilingual education, which today is essential for good personal and professional development, I chose Maple Bear for believing in educating children through knowledge and respect. I am extremely pleased with the results presented by my children, especially my daughter, who is in Year 3, and speaks, reads and writes with ease in both English and Portuguese!”—Patricia Saldanha, parent Maple Bear Joao Pessoa, Brazil


“I am very excited about achieving our dream of starting a preschool in Bangalore. I’m confident that partnering with Maple Bear, the Canadian preschool group with global reach, will equip the centre with the best in class curriculum, teaching aids, and the right support system to pursue my initiative. The MB India team is refreshingly committed and possibly as excited as I am.”— Girish and Nagamani Rao, owners, Maple Bear Preschool, JP Nagar 2, India


 “It is very rewarding to realize our kids are being prepared for the world. Learning a second language, especially a universal language such as English, allows children from an early age to acquire a breadth of vocabulary along with the knowledge and confidence it takes to communicate and interact with people from different countries and cultures. And I was delighted to witness that on recent trips abroad.” –Micaely Rolim, parent, Maple Bear Sao Luis, Brazil.


“My kids enjoy going to school and come home every day telling me about the hands-on activities they had done, or sing to me the songs they had learnt. From my children's work and behaviour, I can see that the teachers have shown much care and attention to their development and praise them appropriately to build their self-confidence. This motivates them to learn and do better. The school also organises relevant field trips which further enhances their learning experience. As an educator myself, a strong curriculum and dedicated teachers are important aspects which I value when deciding on a school for my children. I am glad I have chosen Maple Bear.” – Mrs. Rachel Chan, parent, Maple Bear Grandstand, Singapore      


Maple Bear’s core strength lies in its well-researched and time proven curriculum on a global scale. Having set up the first Maple Bear Canadian School in the region, we have received a very encouraging response from teachers and parents alike. The emphasis on learning and enjoying the process more than the outcome itself means that children enjoy their time at school while they exercise freedom of choice. In the process, children learn to be independent which is truly the most important lesson for life. We are looking forward to creating a positive impact through the values Maple Bear believes and stands for.”—Mrs. Rajul Modwal, Centre Head, Maple Bear Preschool, Goa, India


“We had been searching for a preschool for our daughter, but could not find the right one until we entered Maple Bear.  The first thing that attracted our attention was the school environment.  Itmade us felt welcome and a wonderful place for learning.  The devotion of the principal and teachers also play an important role.  They make sure that we are kept informed of our daughter’s adaption to the school. Their on-going assurance has boosted our confidence and put me at ease, learning that she is in good hands. She is happily going to school every day!”— Gwendoline Teo, parent, Maple Bear Midview City, Singapore

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May 4th, 2017

Welcome to Maple Bear Santa Fe in Mexico City, Mexico!

Take ten teachers and turn them into school owners. Add one shared dream of high quality education. Mix with a whole lot of passion, dedication and elbow grease. What do you get by combining those elements? Maple Bear Santa Fe in Mexico City, Mexico.  

March 23rd, 2017

Maple Bear is expanding in China

We are definitely experiencing a growth spurt in China! In addition to the six schools currently operating in Zhengzhou, we are pleased to welcome Maple Bear Shenyang which is set to open its first learning center in May and Maple Bear Lanzhou which will open its doors in the fall.
We recently had the opportunity to meet with our new owners in both locations.
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